• Hi Phillip,

The shine is Super Fine! Received today, very pleased, thank you and your staff


• Hi Phillip,
Received the parts you chromed for me and they’re beyond my expectations!!!! Everything came out beautiful. Please include the following comments on your website:

Thanks for the beautiful and professional chrome plating job on my 1966 GTO parts. As an auto restorer I’m always skeptical when I send someone my ‘one of a kind don’t make anymore’ parts to have work performed on them. There is a lot of information on the web about chrome shops losing parts or producing inferior work for high prices so not ever having work done by you before I was a little nervous when I shipped my 1966 GTO parts to you. I was expecting a very good job but I what I got was a show quality, professional finish. On a 1 to 10 scale it’s most definitely a 10. Thanks to you and your craftsmen (a word hardly used these days) for the professional finish. Tell your employees to keep up the great work, because not many people take pride in their work these days. I will recommend your company to all the members in our Pontiac club as well as others car enthusiasts. Your work certainly lived up to your company’s name ‘Super Fine Shine’

 Attached are three pictures of your quality work for us on our 1939
Chrysler Royal Business Coupe chrome trim pieces. We finished installing
the chrome and doing final touch-ups on the 4 July weekend, and two weeks
later we took it to Vermont for the Walter P Chrysler Club meet. Our peers
there voted us 3rd Best in Class among 18 cars in the 1934-1942 year group,
and we attracted a crowd for the entire day we were on the line.

We thank you for coming through for us at a critical time and with
work of exceptional quality. We received many questions on the chrome, and
we were happy to drop a few of your cards among those who were asking.
Again, thanks for your efforts and your desire to turn out an excellent

Thanks for the Excellent job. We may have some more of these to do
in the future. If we put bayonets on the remaining M-1 rifles. If we do.
I will be sure to send you the Business.
LT. in Police Dept. in Illinois

I received my part this week, I just want to thank you for the excellent job you did re-plating my taillight bracket, It will match nicely with the new fenders I bought, thank you again.

Nick in NY

I got the axes yesterday and they look great.
Fireman Don in Ohio

Hi, Philip
Thanks again for a fine job on the hinges.
I have already handed out several of your business cards!!
Scott in Ohio

Got the rings, They look great. Thanks.
Danny in Ohio

Got the Moto Guzzi valve covers.  Beautiful!
Nice job, and thanks again.
Cam in Ohio

Just wanted to let you know I received the part for my Chris Craft and installed it this past weekend. It looks great!! Thank-you and I will be sending other parts next year. I have also told others about your excellent service, hopefully it will bring some additional business your way. Best regards,
Mike in Ohio

Thank you for the great job on the gas cap. I will keep you in mind for future projects.
Mark in Ohio

Thanks for such an outstanding job on my Ford street rod grill. It really is beautiful.
Paul in Ohio

I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful job on my parts.
I was very impressed! I will be sending you more parts in the near future.
Roy in Kentucky

That sure is pretty ! Thanks,
Bill & Ginny in Ohio

Received the bumpers Philip.
They look awesome!
Bill in Ohio

Hi Philip,
You re-chromed a Triumph bumper for me two years ago.
It still looks great! I have two other small over riders from another car I'm restoring now.
John in Ohio

Hello Phillip,
I had some items rechromed several years ago by your company
and now have a need for some aluminum polishing.
Thank you
Alan in Illinois

Hi Philip,
The aluminum polished valve covers arrived today....WOW is all I can say. You and your team really outdid themselves. Looked like chrome plating! Thank you! Looking forward to see the bumpers!
Thanks again!
Michael in Maine

Just wanted to let you know that the taillight nacelles arrived safely and
they look wonderful. Thanks again for your kind service and attention to
detail throughout the process. They really set the car off, a worthwhile
finishing touch. Mahalo and aloha!
Scott in Hawaii

You did the chrome on this several years ago. It took 4 best in class awards since then
Gerard in Ohio

Hey Philip, I just gotta tell you,
I am 110% satisfied with the piece you guys fixed for me.
It come out beautiful ; even better than I expected, so thanks a million!
and I'll definitely do some advertising for you.
Talk to soon Joe in Kentucky

Car looks great and your re finishing is part of this accomplishment.
Thanks Again
Brother Luis in New York

Hi Philip,
Your work on my four bumper guards is REALLY nice.
These things look better than new for sure. Thank you.
Bob in Ohio

Thanks for the excellent work........Looks great.
I received the grill and headlight rings and the job was well done and I am happy with it.
Robert, Wyoming

Thanks 4 the chrome pieces you did 4 me I really like them
Clint in Georgia

I was wondering if you polish & plate bicycle parts?
You did such a nice job on some guitar parts for me a couple of years ago!

You did some work for me on my motorcycle when I was stationed in Belgium about four years ago.
You did a superb job and now need another part chromed.
Another loyal customer...Don

Like some of the other customers I am sorry it took so long to get back to you but I wanted to let you know
that the 1954 Desoto grille looks great. Just got it in the car and it really does wonders. I really appreciate the great job
and now I have some other items I will be sending you.
Thanks Again...........Larry from Alabama

About five years ago you plated my boat shifter.
It has been out in the weather summer and winter.
Still looks like brand new.
Richard, in MI

I just wanted to tell you again " thanks " again for a great job on my bumper
sections you rechromed  for me. Knowing how they looked when I dropped
them off and the beautiful chrome shine they have now it is just remarkable.
They look brand new. Thanks again and God bless you and your family,
Rick, in Ohio

I received my parts today and you were right,
they do look great! I will keep you in mind
for my next project.
God Bless,

I just wanted to send you some photos of the hood scoop and base that you did for me.
I am extremely happy with how it turned out. It definitely is a focal point for the car.
Thanks again for a job well done.
Greg in Pennsylvania

Finally got around to putting the
rear bumpers back on the ole Corvette.
They looks GREAT:
It makes the rest of the car look BAD!

Hello Philip;
I will recommend you to everyone!
Sorry if I was being a pain with the emails. This nice weather was
killing me.
Thanks so much again,

I have been meaning to send you a note
to let you know that you did a fine job on the toilet paper holder that you
recently re plated for me. The finished product is as good as I could have hoped for.
So, thank you again for taking the time and concern for this very special project.

Just opened the box of parts you chromed for my boat. Only one word is
needed to describe your work FANTASTIC!!!!! Thank you for a great job.


The chrome MiniMag light arrived a few days ago.
Your work is exceptional. I have really enjoyed the light.

Philip , Parts look great. Makes the rest of the bike look old.  
It has been a pleasure.  Thank you.   I will send more. Jim

I can’t thank you (and your guys) enough for everything, Philip.
I knew that the pieces would turn out great but it is still amazing.
Thank you!!!

Hi Philip,
I received the turn signals yesterday and they look great! I couldn't be
happier. I'll be sure to recommend your work to people I see at the car
shows. Thanks again!

Hello Philip,
The work you did on my antique medical office equipment is superb. 
My son opened the box and took out the first piece and said,
"now that's chrome!"  I will send some more work your way
hopefully later this year. 
Dr. Robert

Hi Philip,
I Just received the microphone cover today. It looks great. You did a real nice job, I appreciate it.
I will definitely recommend you to my friends.

Dear Philip,
Today I received the boat parts that you rechromed for me.
They look GREAT! In today's world, it is most gratifying to find someone who does really first-class work
and does it when he says he will.
Kindest regards,

got all the parts installed and they are the finest quality I have ever seen.
Thanks, Joe

Philip –

I got your name from Anton.

He tells me that you chromed some flashlights for him, and that your work is top notch.

Just letting you know that I received the tail light housings that you sent back to me after restoration. 
I must say that I think that you and your guys there at the shop did a fantastic job on them. 
Not only did you do the job for less then half the amount that other shops had quoted me
but you took the time to explain the process that the housings would go through. 
You will definitely be getting more stuff from me in the future!
Thanks again for the great work!

I just wanted to thank you for plating my heat shields they look excellent.
Thanks again

Just wanted to let you know it came in today.
It looks better than I ever imagined. your work looks
very high quality and show the little detail that others leave out
THANKS! Just wish I would have sent mine first
 instead of my father in laws cause now i have to
see how much better his looks know.       

The quality of your work is amazing & feel free to quote me on that.

Hey Philip,
received  my valve covers today, awesome job they look great thanks a lot.
we'll be doing more business very soon.

I really appreciate you giving me the info I needed and so quickly too.
I had you guys do some plating work for me back around 2001 and
I'm very happy with the results. Super Fine Shine does quality work
in a very reasonable amount of time at prices that are very affordable.
Thanks again and have a great day,

The trim that you guys worked on is really fantastic. Great job, that a boy.
I was impressed on what you did. thanks allot and I will be sending more

I got it in - well,
it cost more than double the last one I had done by someone else,
but it was 10 times as good, and you started out with a pulley in worse
condition. You weren't kidding about your quality. Thanks!

Hello Philip!
I just got my fender and headlight ears and they look excellent!!!!!
I am so pleased with your quality of work!
Thank you so much!

I just wanted to send you a note to Thank You!

I received the Motor mount cover today and not only ahead of schedule but a SUPERB JOB!
It turned out better than I ever expected and YOU have all of my future polishing/plating needs.

I am involved in many custom cycle shows and I will be certain to let them know where I get my
plating work done! I have used many platers in the past with less than favorable results.
I am sure that we will be doing business in the future!
Thank You again...........

The two motorcycle parts arrived today and I'm in shock and awe
over how beautiful they look. I am so very pleased at the work
your company has done.
As soon as I get the bike back from the dealer I will put on
the parts and send you some pictures.

Thank everyone for a job more than well done!

I just got back Saturday night and their was a box on the front porch.
I opened it immediately and unwrapped the cannon barrel first.

Oh my goodness - it is unbelievable.

I really do wish I had taken some "before" pictures now.
I have to refinish the wood carriage - but as soon as I get the
whole cannon reassembled, I'll send you pictures.

Thanks for the spectacular work.

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.
I got the parts, and they look GREAT! Thanks for such a good job.